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***Rob's T-shirts***

Dredd on Denim | Harry Pothead

Ever wanted your own design hand-painted onto a T-shirt but didn't know where to go, or where was affordable? Look no further!

Motifs, Logos, cartoons and pictures hand painted to your specifications, using machine washable, acrylic paints. Prices vary from design to design.

All you have to do is contact me using the e-mail form on the left hand side of the screen and ask for a quote. You can send attachments to me at to give me an idea of what you'd like!!

Didn't want to part with this shirt,
painted at Spring Scream,
2002, Year of the Horse

A T-shirt with logo
made to order.

A view of one
of the stages,
Spring Scream, 2002. A T-shirt designed for a good friend in Taiwan

Sitting out and Painting!

Here I am with a couple of happy customrs, Spring Scream, Kending, Taiwan 2002!

free.jpg: Click to view full-size version

Another Satisfied Customer, Spring Scream, Kending, Taiwan 2002!


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